• VMI-Group claims spot in the Global Roundtable Challenge Finals

    The VMI Group team, the winner of the Benelux Roundtable Challenge 2016, has performed exceptionally well in the global challenge.Delivering the essence of CSCMP’s mission: to Connect, Educate, and Develop supply chain professionals, phase[...]

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  • VMI-Group winner of the Benelux Roundtable Challenge

    On a wintery Saturday morning in January five teams entered the Flexibility headquarters in Breda to participate in the first edition of the Benelux Roundtable Global Challenge. As part of the Roundtable Challenge, local events have been organized [...]

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  • Introduction

    The Benelux Roundtable is participating in the first ever Roundtable Global Challenge. The Roundtable Global Challenge is the essence of CSCMP’s mission: to Connect, Educate, and Develop supply chain professionals. This competition has something for everyone: 

    • Young professionals – An excellent opportunity for training and development by creating mentorship relationships with seasoned professionals.
    • Middle managers –Expand your networks and gain wisdom from senior executives and insights from young professionals.
    • Senior leaders – Give back, and pass your vast experience and knowledge on to the next generations of supply chain managers. 

    Participants will be able to reach out beyond the insular worlds of their own jobs to gain a broader perspective on the supply chain universe.

  • For the Benelux Challenge, teams are free to choose their own mix of professional experience levels. We will welcome all teams into the Benelux Challenge, however the team representing the Benelux in the Global Challenge in 2016 will have to consist of at least a Young Professional or Student, a Middle Manager and Senior Leader. In case the winning team does not consist of the right mix, the Benelux Roundtable Board has the freedom to compose a team out of the best scoring individuals.

  • The Benelux Roundtable will host an interactive event at the Flexibility office in Breda on January 16th, more details can be found on our Event page.  Teams will pay a one time fee of €100, unless at least one of the team members is a (new) CSCMP Member. Please note that Student Memberships are only $40, so CSCMP Benelux is promoting to include Students to the participating teams.