Digital Supply Chain : a long and successful journey in Bayer

Virtually on 02-Dec-2020 h 16:00 CET

Digital Supply Chain is not a buzz-word, it’s a result of several initiatives with complex impacts and constrains. So, digitization of supply chain is a journey to a higher level of performance, reduced costs and major benefits. Michele Palumbo of Bayer tells his journey and results with a special focus on visibility. Marco Moritsch brings in data and results from a European perspective on advantages of visibility and woes of lack of it. Philip Wendel gives an IT contribution and all of them are open to questions. CSCMP Italy RoundTable and Tesisquare invite all of you to listen to Michele Palumbo, Marco Moritsch and Philip Wendel and discuss with them about visibility, effectiveness, cost optimization and digitization in Supply Chain.